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west elm’s small space furniture features modern small sofas and sectionals. Find small sofas and small seating solutions and bring big style to the room.. in-stock at your local store? buy online + pick up for free.* learn more > Click to go to the top of the page. Pottery Barn PB Apartment.

Have you always wanted to replace your worn-out couch but don’t know where to buy cheap couches? We’ve got you covered.. Not impressed with the quadruple digit price tags at all your local furniture galleries? I’ve been there and done that, too.. The Budget Fashionista.

Before you add any furniture to your small apartment, take a weekend to organize and clear your place. Go through your closets and cabinets, and donate or discard anything you don’t need or haven’t used for some time.

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‘If you buy stuff you love, regardless of era or price, your home will become a true reflection of yourself ‘ most of us spend long time outside of our homes, whether it’s at work, in meetings, at the gym or just chilling with friends, but there is nothing like spending quality time at home with your family.

Truth be told there is no store called "Furniture For Your Tiny House" or a website that exclusively sells furniture that doesn’t exceed 18 deep and 60 wide. Part of living in a small space – and one of the coolest parts, I think – is that it forces you to really connect with the space.

Shop Pottery Barn for expertly crafted space saving furniture. Find sofas, beds, dining tables and more perfect for an apartment or small space.. Small-Space Solutions. All Small Spaces Get Inspired. What’s New Lilly Pulitzer Gorgeous Gray Design Resources.

How To Change The Color Of Wood Furniture 1. Washi Tape. Washi tape is a FABULOUS way to give furniture a new look! It comes in a million colors and patterns, and removes without damaging the surface. Use it to add Greek key detailing, a chevron pattern, or even simple lines! Wrapping it around the legs is also a fun way to use washi tape on furniture.

Small Scale Furniture. Size up the selection of small-scale furniture to find fitting options for tiny tots or tight spaces. Scale down bedroom furniture by choosing smaller mattresses (twin or full) or pieces that pull double duty.

To jumpstart your small-space shopping endeavors, we searched the web high and low and rounded up 10 of our favorite retailers designing with apartment dwellers in mind. Read on to find out where to score stylish, petite and practical furniture online.

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