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Where To Buy Furniture Without Flame Retardants

The state now requires furniture that contains flame retardants to be labeled, and because it’s such a large market, furniture makers may adopt the practice for other states. This post.

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Resources to Help You Locate Furniture without flame retardants. furniture Without Flame Retardants (Green Science Policy Institute): This one-page PDF lists companies that make furniture free of toxic flame retardants and companies that replace the old foam in your furniture with new flame retardant-free foam.

Gov. Charlie Baker rejected a bill that would have banned the sale of furniture, bedding and children’s clothing if it contained flame-retardant chemicals Fire officials claim that at least 10.

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The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) announced last week that big name companies like Facebook, Staples, and Kaiser Permanente, along with governments, like the City of Portland, have pledged to give preference to buying office furniture made without flame retardants. Collectively, these purchasers buy over $520 million of office furniture.

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The market has moved on this issue because of consumer demand. simply ask them to start offering flame retardant free options. Shop with These Brands. The Center for Environmental Health has been at the forefront of the fight against flame retardants and published this handy list of companies that are not using flame retardants in their furniture.

Did you know that a doctor’s note is needed in order to buy a mattress without flame retardants? It’s federal law. You might assume, then, that flame retardants added to mattresses and other furniture are critical life-saving additives.

Since the foam is not the focus of the new test, manufacturers are free to make it without flame retardants. But the new law doesn’t ban the chemicals outright. HBO documentary shows heated battle.

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upholstered furniture without added flame retardants* Before buying furniture, verify that flame retardant chemicals have not been added. Labels on new furniture made after January 1, 2015 should indicate the presence of flame retardants.

Flame retardants are chemicals that are used in furniture pieces and mattresses to slow down the spread of flames in the event of a fire. Sofas, for example, must pass the smolder test for home use, and both the open flame test and smolder test for commercial use.