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Where Does Oak Furniture Land Get Its Wood From

“It seems oak furniture land, for example, is disregarding timber sustainability, despite relying on timber for their business success. Right now, we don’t know if the wood it uses is sourced from well managed forests or not – and nor do its millions of customers.” Oak Furniture Land did not respond to a request for comment.

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Having absorbed Carbon Dioxide throughout its life, an oak tree has already repaid its debt to the environment before it is felled. In addition to this, oak has a longevity many other materials cannot match, making it one of the first choices for builders and furniture makers.

Here at Oak Furniture Land we have a real passion for solid hardwood – it’s in almost everything we do – and part of that passion is the recognition that we can help to influence and protect the global forests that supply our furniture. Learn more about our hard work in ensuring sustainable timber sourcing.

Where do companies such as Oak Furniture Land get their massive supply of wood – are they destroying forests somewhere?

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How to care for and protect oak furniture Written by Jenny McFarlane From how to clean oak to where to position wood furniture in a room, read our complete guide to looking after oak furniture, from the experts at Oak Furniture Land.

Since finding oak from the Russian Far East (an area which experiences high levels of illegal logging) in one of Oak Furniture Land’s products, WWF has been trying to gain evidence from the company on whether the wood for its furniture comes from legal and sustainable sources.

See the Light When it Comes to Preserving Your Oak Furniture. Oak furniture will change color over the years so be certain that if you are purchasing treated and stained oak furniture, you place it in a room away from direct sunlight to avoid fading.

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They use kiln dried Oak.Its the poorest quality available,all the furniture will be constructed from lots of small pieces of Oak glued together.Its very stable but looks awful imo.They even use the sapwood from the tree which anyone who makes decent furniture will throw on the fire.