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What Kind Of Sander Do I Need For Furniture

random orbital sander verses finishing sander. The random orbital sander (left) works fast and can smooth joints like the one on this cabinet door without leaving cross-grain scratches. The finishing sander (right) is easier to control but not as effective at smoothing joints.

Painting wood furniture has to be one of the best ways to transform it on a dime (hello, flea market finds!), but sanding it first can be a real pain. Maybe it’s a big, awkward platform bed or.

Use the sanding block to sand all furniture edges. Wrap individual pieces of sandpaper around curved furniture parts, such as legs and spindles. This will make sanding easier. If using a orbital sander, don’t apply pressure to the machine. simply guide the sander in smooth, even strokes over the entire piece.

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(Naphtha-saturated Q-tips do a great job cleaning. No matter what brand or type of cleaner you choose, always avoid those that contain silicone, heavy waxes, lacquer thinner, bleach, etc. Household.

After each round of sanding, be sure to wipe the entire surface with a slightly damp rag. To get the sanding job done, you can either hand sand your item or use an electric sander. If you are refurbishing a large piece of furniture, such as a bookcase, table, or cabinets, I would recommend using an electric sander.

Frame it and treat it as art or adhere it to furniture like a desk. something that you’re not happy with-or worse, that will need to be redone. You want someone who knows what to do. And if the.

The next sander you’ll need in your sanding arsenal is a detail sander like this one, which is ideal for getting into some of the tight spots where other sanders won’t fit. It’s extremely easy to use and can accept a variety of attachments for particular applications.

The Truth About Grit. Coarse grits are recommended for rough sanding, but it seldom pays to use paper coarser than 80-grit when sanding furniture. You can remove most finishes, dents and gross defects with 80-grit paper, and you run the risk of reshaping furniture parts if you have to over-sand them to remove the deep scratches left by coarser paper.

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