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What is the State of the Victorian Furniture Market? by Bob Brooke Collecting antiques was formerly in the realm of the rich. But as Victorian furniture came of antiques age-over 100 years old-back in the 1960s, middle class and upper middle class people were able to afford to buy quality antique furniture for not much more than new pieces.

Antique victorian furniture. antique Victorian furniture refers to pieces made during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), and includes both mass-produced pieces and those handcrafted in small shops by designers such as Herter Brothers, Allen and Brother, Merklen Brothers, John Henry Belter, Alexander Roux and R.J. Horner.

Victoriana are items or material from the Victorian period (1837-1901), especially those particularly evocative of the design style and outlook of the time.. The word is usually used to refer to printed work or to objects such as machinery, house decoration, or furniture. Victoriana tend to reflect the tastes of the period.

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These are typically found on furniture from the late 17th century. Sometimes square segments interrupt the bobbins running down the leg. Sabre and victorian legs sabre legs resemble the sabre sword or.

“Rich colors and velvets were traditionally used in Victorian interiors, but in a very heavy-handed way. With modern townhouses, there is often a nod or reference to historic details, but with solid.

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The design of all furniture, even the very cheapest, was to follow the lead. The design of much Victorian furniture, like Georgian furniture before it, was based on historical models and the wide range of styles was selected from architecture as well as older furniture designs.

Victorian Furniture is so termed, as this was mainly designed during the reign of Queen Victoria of the British Empire, a period which began in 1837 and ended in 1901. Victorian furniture further adds to the class and sophistication of a home, making it all the more elegant.

Although Eastlake furniture is technically considered Victorian, being popular from 1870 to 1890, it breaks away from the excessive high relief carving, classical elements, and numerous curves of other styles produced during this time frame.