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Find out how to clean and spray paint outdoor wicker furniture for a new look for your deck or patio.

If you want to spruce up an older piece of wicker furniture, a fresh coat of paint is a fantastic way to do it. Wicker is prone to looking a little worn out with age thanks to its woven texture and thinner construction. However, a lick of paint can improve its appearance, restoring it to its former glory.

If you’ve got wicker furniture (or any outdoor furniture, for that matter), there will be a time when you find that it desperately needs an update. There’s a hard way to update it. and there’s an easy way. Let’s go with the latter option, shall we? How to paint wicker furniture quickly and easily for a lasting finish.

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Watch Martha paint her wicker chairs a new color, demonstrating how easy and effective it is to use a paint sprayer instead of a brush. Brought to you by Mar.

Q: My wicker porch furniture is looking shabby. What’s the best way to repaint it? – A.V., Mt. Vernon. A: As with all paint jobs, the boring part – prep – is important. You need to clean the furniture.

And for more inspiration, check out The 20 Best New Home Design Trends of 2020. 1. Paint the ceiling. in open spaces where big furniture might be getting in the way. 9. Clean your hardwoods.

2 Vacuum the wicker using a crevice tool. Use a stiff bristled brush to clean the weave. Get into tight corners and spaces to remove dust or flaking paint. If you are painting patio furniture.

Refinishing Wicker And Rattan Furniture. Sun rooms, patios, kitchens and sometimes even the more formal living areas are often graced by the beautiful lines of wicker and rattan furniture. Especially for those items used out doors, or where the sun exposure is greater, refinishing is a periodic necessity. Refinishing these items is not easy.

When painting finished wood furniture, an oil-based primer is the best option to prevent the finish or stain from bleeding. Oil primers also work better than latex primers when your wood is weathered or distressed or when the existing paint is cracking or chipping.

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