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Quality period Arts & Crafts furniture is available through most of the major auction houses. And, for those desiring the look, good quality modern furniture is also made in this style. The Arts & Crafts period furniture is generally rectilinear and a definite correlation is seen between form and function.

Victorian furniture refers to 19th-century furniture from the Victorian period. These pieces may include replicas inspired by furnishings of the past, as well as antique pieces that have been restored. Victorian antique furniture can be extremely valuable, particularly to collectors. Some turn-of.

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The furniture from this period features straight lines, simple turnings, and tapered legs made from walnut, oak, and pine. Federal (1780 to 1820) The Federal Period introduced a variety of ornamental stylings such as fluting, inlays of contrasting woods to create shapes and designs, and banding with contrasting veneers as decorative borders.

King Charles II ascended to the throne after a period of monarchical upheaval in England, bringing with him French and Dutch Baroque inspiration from his time in exile. Furniture of the period was decorated with floral marquetry, walnut, and velvet upholstery and included carvings and gilding. William and Mary (1690-1730)

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The styles of furniture that were crafted during the Edwardian period of English history are commonly referred to as Edwardian furniture. Unlike many other historical periods that are associated with certain styles, the Edwardian era produced a very eclectic variety, and is not strictly tied to defining stylistic elements.

Nominees should have a "Lifetime" of excellence in building period furniture with a large body of work. The award should be presented to a "maker(s)" of period furniture. Recipients of an individual award may include two individuals although only one cartouche listing and one trophy will be given.

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