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Bi-cast: A split leather (the layer under the top layer of the hide) that is sprayed with a polyurethane top coat .

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Bicast leather is: A split leather with a polymer coating. The polymer coating is created as a separate layer and then applied with adhesives, rather than being applied by spraying several thin coats as in ordinary leather. This results in a very even finish on a leather of generally poor quality.

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Bonded, Bycast or Bicast Leather Repair Kits The most economical type of leather – usually a shiny dark brown or black in color. Made from cheaper cowhides, the skins have a polyurethane ( vinyl ) coating applied to the surface.

Bi-Cast Leather Couch Peeling Apart NBC 7’s Consumer Bob and the NBC 7 responds team tackles a problem with a peeling bi-cast leather couch sofa for a san marcos woman. (Published Tuesday, May 23.

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The polyurethane coating was treated to look like genuine leather. As far as we know, bi-cast leather is not used on locally made furniture but is found on imported furniture from Asia and elsewhere. It’s usually much cheaper than genuine leather, but even top-end Italian furniture can sometimes be covered with it.