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What Colors Go With Burgundy Furniture

It would be the worst to try to pick colors just to work with the burgundy couch, and then feel like you could never replace the couch without redoing the whole room again. With a primarily neutral color palette like this though, you could basically swap out the couches for pretty much any color and the room would still work.

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Rose and brown go together to create a super feminine and comfortable space. This pairing works well within a old-age style or just a cozy room you’re creating for the family.{found on mandarinastudio}. 10. orange. view in gallery. Orange is another incredibly complimentary color to brown.

Burgundy works with a wide range of colors as an accent — a little bit can go a long way. Consider using burgundy as that pop of color for more understated shades — like charcoal gray, black, white and brown. A burgundy tie or shirt is the perfect accent underneath a gray suit. A burgundy neck scarf is the ultimate accent for a woman’s pant suit.

Though Frank Lloyd Wright is most famous for the beautiful houses he designed, his career as a furniture designer is less celebrated. It comes in new colors, too, with burgundy, green, and dark.

DESIGN DILEMMA: My best friend, Trish, is renovated a 1920’s bungalow. There was little in the budget for NEW furniture. She had/has TWO GIANT BEAUTIFUL BURGUNDY sofas, which she needed to work into her main living space. Often this is your point of departure,( A BURGUNDY SOFA) the INGREDIENT that gives you your limits.your parameters.

When floors and walls feature warm green-gray, consider end tables with a painted, warm green-gray finish to add cohesion to the room. Pillows and curtains with a warm green-gray and burgundy pattern make a connection with the burgundy furniture, as do cherry frames on the warm green-gray wall. A large, green-gray ottoman completes the look.

Lighter gray walls go great with darker colors. Think navy blue, burgundy, and black. Dark gray walls you’ll probably want to “open up” the house some, and choose a lighter colored carpet.

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Interior Wall Color Schemes That Go With a burgundy sofa white, Cream and Beige. Light, warm-toned neutrals can offset a burgundy couch nicely, Gray, Tan and Dark Brown. Pairing deep colors with gray rather than white or black is. Gold, Orange and Yellow. While many shy away from bright.