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Brown can be easily be dull and boring in a variety of settings from interior design to fashion. But, the right shade of brown can also be inspiring, traditional, cozy and super sleek. And all of those attributes mostly depend on the colors its paired with. Take a peek at this quick list of the 10 best colors to pair with brown and start brainstorming on what to accent your chocolate living.

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There are two approaches that are helpful when picking accent colors that go together. One approach is to select contrasting accent colors (find colors that are opposite on the color wheel , like red and green), and the second approach is to select analogous colors (colors that are close on the color wheel, like orange and yellow, and make use of similar shades of the same color).

Browse color schemes and find color inspiration with our color palettes and tips for choosing the right colors for your rooms. Learn how to match colors and use as inspiration for crafting a color scheme that fits your home and your style. With expert advice and photos of rooms with gorgeous color schemes, you’ll be equipped to start crafting your own color schemes to apply to your home.

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Gray and sunny yellows are one of the most trendy of color combinations. It’s a bit hipster and funky, and incredibly versatile as it can be used in literally any nook or cranny of the house.

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You’d have to somewhat eccentric in interior design tastes to want this much of that bright purple. It’s too much for me, but it definitely goes with black. You’d just want to have less of the purple. Colors used with purple in this room: Black, grey, brown and blue. 11. Silver and Purple Kitchen with Wooden Floor