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Matching Colors With Walls And Furniture matching-colors-with-walls-and-furniture-brown-living-room-photo, Photo matching-colors-with-walls-and-furniture-brown-living-room-photo Close up View. Transitional Living Rooms Living Room Designs living room decor New living room living room colors Dining Room cozy living living area revere Pewter

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Orange and yellows of a desert sunset, variations of pale green, peach and pink found in a spring garden — or the colors from the sand and tropical pale blue sea will all work with brown furniture. Keep your paint colors lighter in hue than the brown to keep the natural theme in balance.

Brown is the color of choice when trying to design a warm and inviting space. In this sitting area, a custom-designed lounge chair is outfitted in a contrasting cream and chocolate material, colors which work together to create a high-styled furniture design.

Keep the color palette warm and pleasant but with a bold and energy-infused twist by adding orange elements to the bedroom dcor. Both brown and orange can be accent colors on a neutral background. View in gallery. Since brown is a warm and comfortable color, you can choose to combine it with a cool shade such as blue.

Conversely, if you go with a palette of neutrals, don’t forget to add a few stronger colors. "One of the biggest mistakes people make with neutrals is not using enough contrast," designer Betsy Brown.

image via Add the vintage appeal you so otfen see in magazines by using black and white combinations with gold accents for contrast.Such a design can be considered timeless and rather neutral, suitable with any home.

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A brown sofa is a practical choice, as is wood furniture. Up the energy and create a more inviting space by peppering it with artwork, throw pillows , or decorative accents in shades of rust, mustard, and amber.