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Tuscan interior design style blends the style and comfort of the Italian countryside. It includes characteristics from the formal, traditional, rustic, country, French, Spanish, and modern interior design styles. It is inspired by the elements of nature found in Italy; especially Tuscany.

A CHESTER design practice tasked with designing the interior build of a fine dining restaurant in Manchester has helped it become the first restaurant in Manchester to be awarded a Michelin star in.

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Tuscan View Grape Design biscotti jar. .00. Best Selling Low High A-Z New Arrivals Reviews. Page 1 of 10 View All. Revel in the golden warmth and pastoral beauty of Tuscan decor right inside your own home. Combining elements from nature with countryside simplicity, this style exudes casual.

Designers distinguish three major types of kitchen interiors in Tuscan style: Kitchens decorated in the original Tuscan style – Color design, material for finishing the floor, ceilings and walls, furniture design – everything corresponds to the atmosphere of Tuscany.

On his spring swing through Tuscany, The Hotel Detective’s eye was dilated nearly every day by the gorgeous decor it encountered. And by the various ways in which hoteliers interpret the Tuscan design.

Discover more than unique garden statues at Design Toscano, where we also have accent furniture, wall art, lamps and indoor statues. With these unique indoor and outdoor decorations, it’s easy to transform your home decor.

The Tuscan style is one of the most popular Mediterranean styles used in architecture and interiors. It encompasses and reflects the beautiful landscapes and climate of Tuscany along with the hospitality and comfort of good wine, food, and family.

Of course, it would be hard not to be instantly enamored of the pale pink manse, known as Villa Alpemare, which is set on an idyllic part of the Tuscan coast known as. There is a musical flow to.

Tuscan interior can be filled with wrought-iron frames for mirrors, sconces, candlesticks, metal doors. In the living room and bedroom it is recommended to decorate the walls with tapestries and fabric wallpaper.