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How To Whitewash Wooden Furniture

Wash the top flat surface of the wooden furniture with a small amount of detergent, water and a clean rag. Dry the surface thoroughly. Rip off the bottom pasted portion of the bag with your hands. Rip.

Basically, when you whitewash furniture you are creating an appearance of weathered wood. Another way to think of it is that it looks somewhat like white wood stain is applied over your piece of furniture.

How to Whitewash Oak Furniture. In the days before modern protective finishes were available, people preserved wood by whitewashing with lime. It protected the wood from rot and moisture while giving it a characteristic washed-out appearance. In lieu of authentic whitewash, modern finishers use stain.

And if the raw wood color still isn’t fitting your style. There are limitless techniques you can use to update furniture, including whitewashing, dry brushing, distressing, waxing, or a combination.

Steps to Whitewashing Wood Furniture. To begin, make sure your surface is clean. Lightly wipe surface with a damp shop towel to remove any dust or dirt build up. If your wooden furniture project has a layer of polyurethane, you will need to remove that layer. (The wash needs to be able to seep into the wood.)

Applying glaze to furniture and wiping it away with a rag simulates the look of wax buildup and paint fading over time. Shabby chic-style fans can turn an unfinished wood chair into a piece that looks.

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Here’s an easy step by step tutorial:: Step 1 :: Clean and Sand. This was the second salvaged piece M-M-M found curbside. Step 2 :: Paint. I painted the body of this dresser with 2 coats of Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s. Step 3 :: Watering Down Paint to Make Whitewash. Step 4 :: Brush or Roll.

The Best Way to Whitewash Wood Home Improvement Painting Tips and Tricks I love the look of a washed finish because it allows the beauty of the wood to shine through, but still lightens or brightens up a piece with some color.