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How To Use Reclaimed Wood For Furniture

How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Table By: Sara LeDuc share this article:. Decorating a home takes a lot of work and seemingly endless pieces of furniture and decor. The cost can quickly add up, which is why it’s sometimes useful (and fun!) to use your DIY skills to adorn your home.. a reclaimed wood table could be just the DIY project you.

A big part of keeping your reclaimed wood furniture looking great is cleaning it regularly. Cleaning leaves the piece looking fresh and new, but it also prevents the wood from dulling, scratching or otherwise being damaged. Tables, in particular, tend to get dirty because they get so much daily use.

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In order to dry reclaimed wood properly to be used for your furniture, you have to have a commercial dehumidifier to draw the moisture from the wood and essentially dry it. Most species of reclaimed wood have an equilibrium moisture content of around 6-8%.

If you own a power washer, this is a good time to use it. Scrub the wood with soapy water (and some bleach if you like). Rinse it down well, and allow to completely dry. There’s no real way to know if you are taking care of all of the bad stuff, so it’s best not to use pallet wood for projects used near food or the kiddos. Some folks won’t even bring it in the house, and reserve this type of wood for outdoor furniture.

In addition to the inherent beauty of reclaimed wood, another benefit of reclaimed wood is the ease with which it can be touched up if you get a scratch or knick in the wood. In a matter of a few seconds you can use either a touch up stick or a special tinted wax to make the scratch disappear.

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Custom Reclaimed Wood Furniture. All of our farm tables are built from authentic reclaimed wood. We build custom tables and furniture with wood we have salvaged from old train depots, barns, and historic houses. All of the wood that we use is over 100 years old and mill sawn or “circle sawn”. The old growth trees that were cut down at the.