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How To Stop Your Rabbit From Chewing Furniture

Straw brooms allow your rabbit to safely chew and shred. Offer a digging box. Is your rabbit a digger and a chewer? If you have holes on your bedsheets, blankets, on your furniture, or along your carpet, you’ve probably got a chewer who likes to dig. Create a safe digging box.

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The only way you will stop it is to keep your rabbit away from your furniture and anything else that you don’t want gnawed at. Rabbits chew, it’s just what they do and something they must do in order to keep their teeth from overgrowing.

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Rabbits must chew on things or their teeth grow uncontrollably. rabbit teeth, like those of other rodents, continue to grow. They must gnaw on things, like wood, to keep them the right size. If you don’t want your rabbit chewing on things they’re not supposed to, provide them with wooden things to chew on.

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For more hints for free or cheap rabbit toys that will stop your house rabbit eating furniture, think about small items made of wood, straw, wicker or raffia (as long as they are untreated with varnish or paint), anything made out of paper or cardboard and items made for babies or toddlers.

Rabbit anti chew spray and the use of vinegar to stop rabbit chewing Another way to stop this habit is the use of a deterring substance. This will include things such as spraying your various valuables.

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They must have their own piece of wood to chew on. If they continue to chew on your wood, clap your hands loudly to make them stop then give them their own wood to chew on. (NO CEDAR) Rabbits will sometimes chew and exhibit destructive behaviors out of boredom. As social creatures, rabbits do better with a friend like them.