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How To Stop A Puppy From Chewing Wood Furniture

By focusing your attention on eliminating inappropriate chewing opportunities, being consistent and providing appropriate dog toys, you can help your dog or puppy find appropriate outlets for their chewing.

Rubber chew toys with openings stuffed with healthy treats keep puppies interested and on target. Some are mint or peanut butter scented to be more appealing. Some are mint or peanut butter scented to be more appealing.

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Worry not, there is a simple way to get your dog to stop chewing everything!. your beautiful wooden furniture or the new carpet are the things they want. Puppy chewing is often caused by the fact that either their baby teeth.

Just like citrus, dogs hate bitter apple. Commercial bitter apple sprays are available, but why spend your money on them when you can make one at home with some apple cider vinegar.. Combine two parts apple cider vinegar with one part regular white vinegar in a spray bottle, shake well and apply it on the furniture your dog likes to chew.

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These breeds include hunting dogs, like Retrievers, spaniels and hounds; but a basic truth is that for most dogs, chewing is a pastime (similar to how humans read or watch TV – dogs chew for pleasure and to pass time when bored). For many owners, their dog’s chewing has passed the point of a harmless pastime, and has become a serious nuisance.

What you can do to stop the chewing Beside the fact that you do not like your furniture bearing teeth marks from Fido’s latest chew fest, there are potential health hazards for dogs who chew wood or wood products. Because wood is a soft material, it is prone to splintering. Splinters can become lodged between your dog’s teeth or even in his.

All you do is spray the furniture and your dog will quickly get an idea that the furniture isn’t meant for chewing. You can also mix one-part vinegar with six-parts water for a home remedy. Correct the Behavior with a Firm "No!" If you’re able to catch the dog in the act of chewing, give a firm "no" command.