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Pine is an inexpensive and solid wood to work with.. What you'll need to stain unfinished pine to a black and shiny finish: 120 and 220-grit.

Different woods take stains differently, an important factor to consider when selecting your furniture. Stained furniture is often displayed in showrooms. If they don’t have stained furniture on the floor, they’ll probably have a variety of stain samples on different types of wood to help you envision a finished product.

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If you want to create a beautiful, dramatic black finish, here’s how to use black stain, black paint for wood and more. Expert Advice: 01303 477569:. 24 Responses to "Black Wood Finishes – Sophisticated Decor Inside and Out". I have black Matt furniture what can I put on it to.

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Stain Method: Most individuals when looking for a black finish will simply go to the hardware store and select a black stain. In our example here we show you MinWax ebony stain applied on Oak and also Maple. As you can see from the pictures appears much more gray than the desired black finish.

Also, black stains may be due to mold so test the stain with diluted bleach. Bleach may raise the wood fibers so don’t leave it on longer than a couple of minutes. Since the entire table top needed help, I went over it using the paste and rag wiping with the grain of the wood.

Dab your sponge into the black wood stain to get just enough on the sponge but do not drench the sponge. Wipe any excess off back onto the paper plate. I normally work with a slightly damp sponge to start. How to Apply Black Wood Stain. To apply the wood stain to your table you want to make sure that your tabletop is clean and dust free. If needed, go ahead and wipe the table with a dust free cloth before you begin.