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How to Paint Patio Cushions Last week I debuted our awesome eclectic repurposed patio makeover (say that ten times fast!) and I promised to share a tutorial on how I painted those cushions! If you’re cool with my oh-so-casual summer hair, then carry on!

Answer: Your patio furniture was probably powder coated. This is a thick coating so the spot must be filled in before repainting. Get a small can of automobile body filler and use it to fill the spots.

Spray on Paint Use a high-quality oil-based spray paint specifically designed for outdoor use to prevent rust. Spray using a back and forth motion, holding the can far enough away for a consistent spray pattern to avoid drips and overspray. Follow the natural lines of the chair to coat it evenly.

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Put your furniture on top of a drop cloth. You can also put the legs of tables and chairs on top of a scrap of wood to help protect the ground below them from any paint drips. spray each piece of furniture using a back and forth motion, following the lines of the chair or table and holding the can about 6 to 10 away.

When painting metal furniture, spray paint tends to leave a smoother appearance, while brush marks tend to be more visible. Another advantage to spray paint is that primer is usually unnecessary. When painting outdoor furniture, choose a kind of paint designed for outdoor use and consider the weather conditions.

Spray Paint Project Steps. Set up a spray area by covering work area with a drop cloth. Make sure it is a well-ventilated area. Using an all-purpose cleaner, thoroughly clean the table and chairs to remove dirt, oils and dust. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow to dry.

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A spray paint machine can be used in place of spray cans. Top-coat sealer can be applied to the furniture for added protection. Mona Culberson began working on the assembly line at a large.

The spray paint dries really quickly and I was able to bring the vintage patio set up to our brick patio in just a few hours. Since there is no room in our budget for outdoor furniture this year, I love that I was able to remake this patio set in just a few hours for under $50!

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