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Your best bet would be to sell it on eBay or by contacting local interior designers or home stagers in your local area to see if they’d like to purchase the chandelier for either a client or a specific project they are working on.

Whether you’re an art director, illustrator or 3D artist, you could be selling your design assets directly to the public. Whether you’re looking to publish a book, sell your more experimental designs as prints, create your own T-shirts, or delve into product design, it’s now simpler than ever to sell design work online.

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I have a four-decade career in interior design: three as sole proprietor of my own successful design studio, and one as the top-selling interior.. with clients, nothing says customer service better than listening and taking to.

how to start your interior design business what is hospitality interior design Start small. and stay ahead of your contractor. Indecision in the middle of the process is what adds time and money. Don’t underestimate the value of a designer. People often confuse the roles of.

Start a newsletter of your own and ask people to subscribe it for free on providing their email addresses. Then send emails to them, highlighting some major features of your interior design services. Many of them will enquire about your company. Some of them may ask for your home decoration services.

 · If you are looking for an interior design WordPress theme, you should most certainly look into Inteco. It is an exclusive tool for architects and designers who are willing to push their boundaries and start seeing an epic difference for themselves. Now you can and, in fact, it just happens that it is ridiculously quick and straightforward to achieve all your wants.

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Traditional interior design is usually based on hourly rates and can get costly. Decorist is a flat-fee for the entire design project, with no limitations on time or communication with your designer. With our online interior design platform, the project is on your schedule, at your convenience, any time of day.

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With the ever increasing competition in the world of interior design, you are sitting on a potential gold mine, as a sales person.. change your approach when selling to interior designers from.