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How To Replace Veneer On Antique Furniture

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That is indeed the best approach when the veneer was attached with modern glue, said Yasser Haridi, owner of Antiques & Furniture Restoration. If you decide to attempt the repair on your own, see.

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Restoring old and antique furniture. Lately i restored an old cabinet and here are the various steps i followed to give this old fellow a facelift ! For the bottom part we used the same technique meaning we used woods of an old cabinet. The wood buttons have been replace by an old lock using the same.

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How to restore antique furniture. There may be times, however, when antique furniture requires more serious attention than a simple dust or wax. If your antique furniture needs restoration, then always take it to a professional restorer. If there are any parts missing (such as pieces of the veneer.

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Patricia from The wood spa shares a quick way to repair damaged veneer on old or discarded furniture before applying paint. She is sharing a tutorial on how to repair damaged veneer. All posts contributed by Patricia for Grillo Designs can be found HERE.

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Do you own some pieces of veneer furniture? Has one of them been damaged recently? Are you worried about how you can properly repair it? Before you initiate your repair job, find out if your veneer furniture is not a prized antique piece. Repairing it can readily lower its market value.