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How To Repair Wicker Patio Furniture

How to Repair Wicker Furniture Most cases of repairing a wicker chair can be done at home. You have to procure a few materials like sandpaper, varnish or lacquer, linseed oil, epoxy resin, replacement strands, and glue.

We understand that you made an important patio furniture investment. Therefore, we offer you a variety of repair and restoration services to prolong the life of.

Indoor & outdoor wicker furniture Repair. Determining whether you have indoor or outdoor wicker furniture will help you determine how best to repair it. Because heat from the sun can be drying, outdoor wicker furniture tends to be made with synthetic materials and treated with resin.

The durability and weather-resistant qualities of resin wicker furniture have made it a popular choice for outdoor wicker patio furniture. Many people have also opted to use it indoors, often in the form of wicker dining chairs and table.

Apply a cleaning solution of bleach and water to the surface of your wicker furniture. In a large bucket, mix 1 litre (4.2 c) of water and 250 millilitres (1.1 c) of household bleach. Use a clean cloth soaked in this solution to wipe down your wicker furniture. Allow it to air dry for 2-3 hours.

Repair Broken Strands in the Body. Place a small amount of glue inside the woven strands. tuck one end into the woven wicker, next to the broken strand, and begin weaving the new piece in the same pattern as the old (Image 2), using a pair of needle-nose pliers to assist if necessary. Once the new strand is in place, cut off any excess,

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Come in and see the world of options available – from functional repairs to. on any piece of furniture, including outdoor pool and patio furniture, wicker and all.

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