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How To Repair Black High Gloss Furniture

Removing Scratches from Black Lacquer Furniture. There are three options open to you and hopefully you can get by with the first one: 1) Reduce the appearance of the damage as much as possible: A good two step car wax will do a great deal to improve the appearance and both reduce and hide minor scratches.

You can choose wax, furniture polish or spray lacquer in an aerosol can, depending on. Level a large scratch, after coloring the wood, by sanding it lightly with.

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Most quality furniture can be repaired and enjoyed for a lifetime. Often it is only the finish that needs repair. Or scrtaches reomved. Learn how to repair high gloss .

high gloss wood furniture or floors are attractive and functional. The gloss is typically a result of a clear lacquer or the application of a shiny protective product.

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The lacquer is applied to a wooden piece for protection against water damage and weathering. Unfortunately, when pieces covered with black lacquer become damaged or scratched, the end results can be very noticeable and can bring down the value of the piece. It is possible to repair Chinese black lacquer pieces at home.

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Dusting: The high gloss lacquer furniture needs to be dusted with a soft damp cloth to avoid scratch surfaces and immediately use a dry cloth to remove the wetness. Make sure not to dampen the cloth with excess water as that might damage the finish. Furniture Cleaner: To get the lustrous finish smoothly apply the solvent-based furniture cleaner with a soft cloth and dry it using a dry cloth.

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So whether you’re dealing with a high-gloss finish, lamniate, oil-based paint/stain or water-based, de-gloss and then prime (of course always taking proper precautions with gloves, masks, eye protection, and adequate ventilation). There are a few ways to knock down the gloss on furniture.

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