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How To Remove Tape Residue From Wood Furniture

The cabinet doors were taped closed with packing tape. This hutch must have been sitting in the scorching sun, or maybe a hot garage for a looooong time because the tape was fused on like a second skin! For today’s quick-tip, here are a few methods and products I’ve used to remove sticker residue, tape, pricing labels and other sticky things.

Here is how to take care of them: * Never push or slide furniture around. Pick it up and move it. hose attachment is cleaned thoroughly before using and doesn’t have any residue in it that might.

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Use a razor scraper to remove sticky residue from the wood. Keep the razor at about a 2 to 4-degree angle to the wood. You can easily tell when to stop or when the blade starts to carve wood.

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How to Clean Tape Adhesive from Wooden Furniture – Getting the Adhesive Off Understand that if you sprayed the tape with WD-40 first, this will probably go a bit easier. Use your razor scrapper at a very shallow angle to the wood, and gently peel the tape off. Go slowly. Stop and work from the.

Wrap masking tape around your fingers and press it against the residue. Ensure the tape makes a tight ring around your index and middle finger with the sticky side facing out. Press it against the surface and pull away. Notice the residue sticking to the tape, and repeat until you’ve lifted off as much residue as possible.

For more serious residue, Murphy Oil Soap is a wood cleaning product that can be safely used on any wooden surface. Dilute it in water for mild cases, or apply it straight to the table for stickier residue. Wipe the table with a soft cloth to remove the sticky residue. Rinse with clean water and a clean cloth. Allow the table to dry completely.

I used to work for a used furniture store, and we would clean each piece as it came in. Most of what we got came from auction houses and I think they used tags with cement for glue! Anyway, we would just squirt some GooGone all over the tape and let it sit for a few minutes, and it would peel off like magic.