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How To Remove Scratches From High Gloss Furniture

Wooden furniture comes in contact with a variety of objects that over time will damage the finish with light scuffs and scratches. There are many ways to remove these. The method you choose will depend on the depth of the scratch and the type of finish. Surface/Finish Scratches

Repair Scratches in High Gloss Finish. Repairing small scratches in high gloss finish is easy if you have some basic skill. And there are many ways to go about it. The Toscana contemporary Italian desk above has a high gloss furniture grade polyurethane finish. To remove scratches, we purchased a mild Mirror Glaze finish restorer from Wall-Mart.

For a deeper clean spray your high gloss surface with water and clean with an e-cloth – then buff dry with a soft, dry cloth. 4. Wipe up liquid spills immediately, and for more sticky spills use clean water and wipe with an e-cloth. 5. 6. Do not use any chemical based cleaners.

High gloss wood furniture or floors are attractive and functional.. With a little filling, sanding and finishing, the original high gloss sheen can be restored.. Repairing Surface Scratches.

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Make nicks, dings, and scratches in furniture disappear with these pro methods Skip to main content. JOIN / LOG. clean the furniture thoroughly with a solution of dishwashing liquid or Murphy Oil Soap and water to remove all wax, grease, oil, or polish.. How to Fix a Furniture Finish.

Dealing with Fine Scratches in Black Lacquer. This is a liquid colored polish that’s meant to be used on a high gloss black surface and its job is to eliminate swirl marks and buffing marks on a black high gloss surface.. professional furniture making. laminating and Solid Surfacing.

If high gloss wood finish should appear slightly dull due to the use of the steel wool, polish it out with Howard’s Restor-A- shine polishing compound. Remember restore it, don’t strip it! How to repair and remove scratches on wood furniture.

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8 Tricks You Can Try to Remove Scratches From Furniture. Claire Nowak Jul 16. A gouge or scratch will spoil the look of a tabletop. Dust the affected area and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

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