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Leather soaks up oil like a sponge absorbs water, and that can make oil stains difficult to remove.. Do not clean your leather furniture with saddle soap. It's too .

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From the sturdy disc foot that leads up the gently scrolling arms with exposed nail heads toward the luxurious oil and wax tanned leather body-the Laguna Collection is a timeless classic.

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Larchmont’s straightforward design serves a timeless look at every meal. Burnished faux leather softens the cushioned seat and back. A warm finish gives the frame a pleasing rustic appearance.

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Natural oils and oil from hair products transfers from your head and are slowly absorbed into the leather. You must remove the oils from the surface as well as within the leather to completely remove the discoloration from your leather sofa.

Hi, Use a leather cleaner to remove the smell. Generally the odour will be coming from dirts/oils on the leather surface. Something that a good cleaner will remove. Then, to restore the luster after cleaning, and to apply a leather scent, use a leather protection cream or aroma product.

It fits any sofa, recliner, or arm chair wider than 14 centimeters, and it comes in four different colors. It’s safe to use on any fabric or leather, and while. re hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

Body oils are very destructive to leather and any finishes that have been applied. Removal of body oils once they have penetrated the leather is a professional job as in removing the oils you are.

How to Clean and Shine a Leather Couch. A leather couch is an elegant addition to any living room. Just like any other type of furniture upholstery, it is important to periodically clean leather couches. Although leather is a durable material, take care when cleaning leather so the surface does not become damaged. Clean and shine leather couches.