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How To Re Dye Leather Furniture

Leather dye is not easy to remove once it has been applied. Unlike paint or other topical colorings, it is a stain and is designed to permanently soak slightly into the leather. There are, however, some techniques that can help remove at least some of the stain caused by unwanted dye on leather.

Rub ‘n Restore is versatile. It is water-based and safe for use on home furniture, auto, RV and boat interiors, vinyl tops, tonneau covers, saddlebags, spa covers and more. It is easy to apply, blends well, and is forgiving, so even a novice can get professional results for a DIY price.

Deglaze the leather using a deglazer or acetone. Most leather furniture will have a protective coating to seal in dye and protect the leather. You can remove this, along with any lingering oils, by using a clean rag to rub deglazer or acetone into the surface of the couch.

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How to Dye Leather Furniture – Steps Decide on the desired color for your leather furniture. Choose professional grade, high quality dye. Take leather furniture to a garage, basement or work space. Put down drop cloths, plastic sheets or painter’s tarps. Clean the couch. Prepare the leather for.

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Our Leather Colorant Kit is designed to provide a more long-lasting, cost-effective solution to leather coloring. Created and thoroughly-tested by industry professionals, and highly-rated by our customers, the Leather Colorant Kit is the industry leading leather coloring product – designed by our team at Furniture Clinic.

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Paint the seams and piping of the leather sofa with the leather dye on a paintbrush. Add the leather dye to the foam applicator. Wipe the applicator across the leather sofa, applying even pressure.

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