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How To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Furniture

Caring for Hardwood Floors. If I had to sum it up, I’d say the best tip for protecting your hardwood floors is to keep them clean. Even with felt pads and rugs, dirty floors can be scratched more easily. So do your best to keep dirt off your wood floors (easier said than done, I realize ). And don’t forget to pin this for later!

. 181 – Premium Furniture Felt Pads for Furniture Feet. ULTRA LARGE PACK Adhesive Pads – Chair Leg Floor Protectors. PROTECT YOUR WOOD FLOORS.

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Hardwood Floor Protection tips hardwood floor water damage. learn how and why your wood floors are so susceptible. Scratches and Dents. Avoid walking on the floor while wearing high heels, spikes, Sun Damage. Exposure to the sun and its UV rays accelerates the oxidation and aging of wood..

How To Paint Rustic Furniture In this video, Deana teaches us how to distress furniture. You will need the furniture you want to distress and then paint over it with green furniture paint in the parts you want to change. Apply the paint thinly and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, or until dry.

Seek professional help from our team at Freedom Flooring is your unsure what types of cleaning products are suitable for your hardwood floors. Protect From Furniture. The source of your hardwood floor damage will mostly be contributed by furniture and daily use. For instance furniture tends to be heavy and can move around on the floor boards.

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Not wearing shoes on your hardwood floor is the best thing to do to protect your floor. High-heeled shoes can actually leave dents in a hardwood floors, so it is a good idea to ban them from your floor. Use Walk Off Mats and Runners. Heavy traffic areas and entry points receive the most amount of wear on a hardwood floor.

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If you have a hardwood floor, you probably have to reposition your furniture frequently. No matter how many times you tell your kids to not jump.

How To Whitewash Paint Furniture  · I’ve had to redo several DIY furniture painting projects in the past, so I decided to compile all the mistakes I’ve made over the years to help you give your furnishings a makeover that will last. Here’s how to paint a piece of furniture-without making a single mistake: 1. Make sure you sand it first.

Good chance you'll find exposed metal or wood, worn down glides or dirt filled felt pads.. You may think the factory supplied glide is enough to protect your hard surface. Start with your furniture vendor or flooring supplier.

Protect Your Floors. Sun exposure lightens certain types of wood and darkens other. Be sure to move furniture and rugs regularly to create more even sun exposure throughout each room. Likewise, consider applying a sun-resistant sealant on your wood floors.