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How To Protect Leather Furniture From Cat Claws

Cats scratch for numerous reasons, including sharpening claws, locating territories, stretching muscles or just having fun. To cats, scratching is somewhat a demand, so there is no use forcing them to give up that habit. Instead, applying those tips on how to keep cats from scratching leather furniture is what you should do to protect your.

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Protect the Furniture from Cat Scratches. The best way to protect your furniture is to redirect your cat’s behavior elsewhere. In addition, you have the option to cover your furniture. options include: throws and Blankets – Choose thick, old blankets that you don’t mind getting scratched. These can be draped over the ends of the couch, as many cats scratch the ends/feet of the couch.

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Consider creating a citrus spray with lemon or orange and water, and spraying it on the areas that your cat likes to claw. A very effective pet repellent is Grannicks Bitter Apple. You can spray this directly on your furniture without harm, and your cat will stay away. Make sure to keep refreshing the scent.

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Give your cat a scratching post. Purchase a scratching post made from a fibrous material that will file down the cat’s claws. Sprinkle cat nip on the scratching post, and set it near the leather furniture to give the cat a more preferable option.

If you own leather furniture and are considering getting a cat, here are some options you can take to prevent the cat from clawing the furniture. Cover up the Sofa or Chair – One way to prevent damage to your leather furniture from a cat is to cover it up. The cover must be fairly thick so the cat’s claws will not penetrate the leather underneath.

3. Cover the furniture with something your cat does not like: double sided tape, some plastic or aluminium foil. Some cats dislike the feeling and sound of foil, and most cats hate things that stick to their fur. Double-sided sticky tape used in carpet installation works well, but be sure the tape won’t harm your cat or furniture. 4.

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This is a page about protecting leather furniture from cats. One of the best ways to protect your furniture is to put nail covers on your cat’s claws. They are soft, plastic tips, that glue onto the nails and prevent them from scratching inappropriately. They are safe and easy to apply.