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How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Furniture Scratches

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With appropriate care, your wood floor will maintain its beauty for generations. Our hardwood floors are durable and easy to care for.

Scratches in hardwood can also be prevented by keeping your furniture protected. A few simple switches can save your.

Learn how Minwax Teak Oil is a great way to protect outdoor wood furniture from weather damage.

Hardwood Floor Rejuvenate Hardwood Floor Restorer is a miracle polymer that makes old floors look new again! You can instantly restore wood floor finishes and get rid of imperfections.

If you’re not careful your chairs could scratch your hardwood floors each and every time you use them. Stop chairs from scratching hardwood floors with help from the president of a home design.

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The soft pads come into contact with the floor rather than the edges of the furniture, making it super easy to protect hardwood floors from intense scratches. The soft pads come into contact with the floor rather than the edges of the furniture, making it super easy to protect hardwood floors from intense scratches.

Protect Hardwood Floors from Furniture Scratches. There are several steps you can take to ensure your hardwood flooring doesn’t sustain scratches and other forms of damage. Placing an area rug on the wood floor and rugs at all the entrances is a good way to keep debris from getting transferred to your flooring.

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Sled base felt glides sled base felt chair glides for hardwood floors are designed for specific styles of furniture. If your chair, school desk or furniture has sled-style tubed legs, this is the chair glide that will protect your hardwood floor and furniture the best.

In the same way that your feet slide across the floor in socks, furniture socks slip onto table legs, bed frames, and more for smooth sliding. Reusable furniture sliders work well on wood floors or carpet to help with those bulky items and can also help when moving furniture into your next home. You can even slip them under a heavy buffet or.

Protect your wood floors from your furniture by taking these preventative measures.. By keeping all of your furniture on top of a rug, you'll easily avoid scratches.

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