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Here in Italy I paint lots of Shabby Chic furniture pieces, here we mix it with modern furniture and also beautiful antiques. The pieces that work best are the old solid furniture that have some nice detailing. It is definitely in fashion to "fare chiara" make it light. A big dark armoire really controls the feel of a room.

Check out these shabby chic decor ideas and DIY tutorials, which range from salvaged window treasures displaying or beautiful vintage suitcase nightstand to DIY shabby chic curtain tie back or shabby chic distressed shelf with hooks. These ideas will make your living space warm and inviting! salvaged window treasures Displaying

Home design and styling trends are slowing going back to the rich, creative, and beautiful. Odd pieces of fine-looking shabby chic furniture are showing up to add character to the drab minimalism of today’s home interiors. While the clean lines and basic colour palettes are still trendy, you can inj

A lot. Not chalkboard paint – that’s something different – but rather the type of paint, typically used on furniture, that gives a matte, chalky finish made popular by the shabby chic look. “People.

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That bedroom furniture looks like my first real set. My tastes have changed so much since I was young. You sure did a gorgeous job of making them look shabby chic. Sure wish I could afford that Annie Sloan chalk paint. Better hold onto that gorgeous son of yours. What a cutie. My absolute favorite is the little oak table with the laurel wreath.

 · Using differing colors and patterns will make the room feel cozy and also helps you to find things on a budget. Painting your furniture is another key element of the shabby chic style. furniture can be purchased at flea markets and garages sales, and then painted for that old but loved look.

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Try a vintage or specialty store to find hardware that is unique. Photo by Elad Gonen – Discover shabby-chic style bathroom design inspiration 6. Furniture vanities. You can repurpose a fabulous piece.

Founded in 1989 by Rachel Ashwell, Shabby Chic started out as a shop in Santa Monica filled with vintage furniture, a sea of white slipcovers. elements in residential and hospitality interior.