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How To Make Furniture For 18 Inch Dolls

For Christmas this year we decided to make my youngest daughter a Doll Bed for her 18 inch dolls. She has an Our Generation Doll from Target that Santa brought for her last Christmas. This Christmas she wanted another doll so they could be friends. So Santa brought her a doll and we made a doll bed that can fit both of her dolls side by side.

Welcome! I know you’re here to see how we built our DIY American Girl Doll Furniture. I am always impressed by the parents and children who make their own play accessories.. It may be a jet-pack, a costume, or your own doll furniture.. american girl dolls themselves are super expensive; however, you have several options for making some of their furniture for great unplugged pretend play.

DIY 18 Inch Doll Chair: My daughter LOVES her 18" dolls. American Girl, Our Generation, My Life As, etc. Most often the furniture and accessories are extremely expensive. We spend time making items ourselves and being thrifty shoppers for the items we can’t make. This tu.

I’ve got a super simple DIY to make doll furniture for you today.In fact, it is a DIY I did with my 8-year-old. She was in charge of the project, but just needed a little help from me to learn how to do a few of the steps to make this nightstand for her dolls.

– Make some awesome furniture for your 18 inch doll. Great for your Springfield Doll or other 18 inch dolls. See more ideas about American girl furniture, American girl diy and American girl crafts.

How To Fix Gouges In Wood Furniture How to Fix Deep Scratches in Wood. If your wood furniture has a deep scratch or an unsightly gouge, repair it by filling it in. wax filler sticks are the most inexpensive option and work best on narrow scratches. wax filler putty is a.

Your doll is going to need a place to hold all of this furniture.. These boots totally look like something a trendy celeb would make for her American Girl doll. Learn how to make them here. 18.

Making Doll Furniture in Wood: 24 Projects and Plans Perfectly Sized for American Girl and Other 18 Dolls [Dennis Simmons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The patterns included in this woodworking project guide are sized for 18-inch dolls such as the popular American Girl dolls and can be scaled for larger or smaller dolls.

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