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The craft that Brenda and Brian Cameron share in Making Bent Willow Furniture has traditionally been passed down from generation to generation. Now with their illustrated, step-by-step instructions, you can easily master this age-old technique and create rustic willow furniture for your home, porch, yard, and garden.

Gathering Willow. When the plant’s buds begin to swell and leaf tips start to appear on its branches-in other words, when the sap starts to flow-that’s the time to go after willow.

Cut and trim four more pieces of willow to make the frame for the bottom shelf. Use an electric drill and bit and carefully drill holes into the ends of the four frame pieces. Place the pieces together to make a square and use short, galvanized wood screws to secure the corners together.

You can trim the branches into smaller pieces when you go to build your furniture. Shear the branches in 1 clipping motion to prevent the branch from cracking or splitting. You will need about 150 ft (46 m) of smaller branches to use for your furniture. Keep the thin branches pliable by putting the end you shear into a container of water.

“We always want things in our house that are from us ya know, either places we’ve visited or something, but a friend of mine started doing welding, welding her own furniture. So I signed up for a.

You can use this technique to create all sorts of willow furniture. Everything pictured was created with these guidelines: Predrill Everything Diagonal Bracing on every surface assemble two surfaces as frames, then connect them with sides.

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Logs cut to length and fit into round holes bored to size make excellent chair legs. with heavy twine instead of nails or screws. Willow and other long supple branches are often bent to create.

Jason and Vanessa Smith felt the same way about their home in Willow Bend. It was built in 1955. some architecturally significant and some not – being demolished to make way for 5,000-square-foot.

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Hand crafted from bent willow wood, the 4 Piece Twig Outdoor Set lends a rustic quality to any outdoor or indoor space. left with the bark on, this outdoor set adds natural color and texture to your porch or back yard. pictures of bent willow chairs Willow Twig Furniture: How to make a little willow table.