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How To Lime Wash Pine Furniture

I have some bedroom furniture in pine, very good quality but too dark in colour now. About 20 years old when new had wax finish. How do I lime wax this furniture

Ultimate guide + video tutorials on how to whitewash wood & create beautiful whitewashed floors, walls and furniture using pine, pallet or reclaimed wood, from elegant farmhouse style to vintage shabby chic, the 3 easy white wash techniques have you covered!

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Lime Washed furniture. white lime wash on old Baltic pine floor. white washed floors for our kitchen? liming or wood washing the timber flooring would change the timber color lighter than the natural wooden color without blocking the natural wood grain.

How To Whitewash Wood Furniture. August 17, 2015 by Denise – 54. The handles were painted with mms luckets green. Then I used the wash technique on the out edges and once all dry, gave the handle a light sanding so the original metal was revealed on the high areas.. have recently danish.

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Hydrated builder’s lime (limestone), a substance unrelated to lime fruit or to gardener’s hydrated lime, is the main ingredient. Salt adds more white to the mix. Water is the substance that slakes, or dissolves, the lime. Water is also the vehicle for applying the whitewash to the wood.

I’d say whitewashed (or limewashed) wood is a perfect fit, wouldn’t you? Be sure to see what all of the other ladies have created for you later in the post. Over the years, I have whitewashed many pieces of furniture and it is still one of my favorite ways to age a piece and create dimension.

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