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How To Identify G Plan Furniture

The G-Plan brand was launched in the 50s. It defined modern furniture from the 50s to the 70s. In those days most people used ‘G-Plan’ as a generic term for modern furniture in the way we still use ‘Hoover’ for vacuum cleaners.

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Home / The Guide / How to Identify authentic mid century Furniture This is a popular question on the various community sites, forums and blogs that we follow. Unfortunately, though, it is very difficult one to answer. Antique furniture. When it comes to identifying antique furniture, there are certain characteristics of style and methods of construction that help in distinguishing original.

If you need a crash course, take yourself to our mid century modern guide. Mid century furniture is characterised by clean lines, open sides and classic shapes. If a piece looks ornate or has what feels like extraneous details then treat it with caution. Mid century furniture is often crafted from solid woods, notably teak, elm, beech and rosewood. Keep an eye out for a healthy grain, particularly on table tops.

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G Plan is a British furniture brand. It began as a pioneering range of furniture in the United Kingdom produced by E Gomme Ltd of High Wycombe.The success of G Plan led to E Gomme becoming one of the UK’s largest furniture manufacturers, with profits increasing sixfold between 1952 and 1958 when it was floated as an IPO.

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