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How To Get Rid Of Mothball Smell In Wood Furniture

I am at loss as to what to do with a antique dresser i bought, the outside of it beautiful, , my fault I did not check the inside and drawers. but I did think there was a bit of a peculiar smell to it,but wouldn’t be a problem i use different methods to get rid of smells in furniture I buy. .

Removing the smell of mothballs from upholstered furniture. It is often challenging to get the mothball smell out of upholstered furniture as it can penetrate the fabric, making it really hard to remove. Leaving the furniture out in the sunlight is the best natural remedy to get rid of any mothball odor.

How To: Get Rid of Mothball Smell Try some of these strategies for removing the smell of mothballs from your clothes and closets, and learn how to avoid using mothballs altogether!

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Heat and Air. The easiest way to get rid of mothball smells from furniture — although it isn’t an instant solution — is to raise the heat in the room and increase air circulation.

To get rid of the smell of mothballs in your clothes, wash them by hand in a 1:1 white vinegar-water mixture or in your washer using vinegar instead of detergent. For mothball odor in your closest or any other room, put out a bowl of vinegar or coffee grounds to absorb the odor. Alternatively, buy activated charcoal from a pet or department store and put a bowl of that in the space that smells.

To get rid of mothball smell, ventilate the affected areas of the home, and remove all visible mothballs and mothball flakes in the home. Wash hard surfaces with a general-purpose cleaner, and continue exposing the home to fresh air and sunlight to remove any remaining odors.

How can I naturally remove the mothball stench from my furniture?. by embedding the smell deeper into the wood. In the evening, when you’re not blowing a fan toward the dresser and lovingly.

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How do you get rid of mothball smell in wood?. You can get rid of a new wood smell in kitchen cabinets by usingbaking soda and water.. If instead your talking about a piece of wood furniture.