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I have been trying to air it out for several days now but it still has quite the pungent smell. I'm cautious to put any of my clothes in the dresser for.

Mothballs protect upholstered furniture against damage from pesky, fiber-loving moths, but they also usually leave behind a strong chemical odor.

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How do we get mothball fumes out of a dresser (not just mask the scent), when the dresser has already been sitting empty for years and still.

Summer’s heat can sometimes cause garbage cans to give off an unpleasant odor. reader michael sienkowski. "Make your own mothballs by mixing oil of cloves and oil of cinnamon, then soaking.

Then, rub a small amount of it into your furniture using a clean cloth. 4. Put lemon/orange rinds into your garbage to mask the stinky smell. ants got you down? Get rid of them – once.

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Here are some tips for getting rid of that distinctive mothball scent from your home , clothing, and furniture. Best Odor Eliminators for Mothball.

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To remove any smell the best thing I have found is baking soda. Sprinkle it on and let it sit. You may have to repeat several times. Reply.

The best remedy to get rid of the odor in such cases is ventilation and sunlight. Placing the furniture in a hot place with ample ventilation.

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Different Ways to Remove the Smell of Mothballs From Your Clothing. If the furniture is too heavy to move outside or you have a closet filled.

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The odor can be particularly stubborn in rooms or closets where mothballed clothes have been stored. To remove these odors, leave out bowls of vinegar or plates.

Getting the Smell of Mothballs Out of Furniture This unpleasant smell has a tendency to linger long after the mothballs are gone. It can also permeate an entire room if even one piece of furniture.