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A BCITO apprenticeship is the beginning of something great – your career as a qualified professional. All you need to begin is a job, a driver licence and a great attitude.

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Starting Out. While you may be impatient to start your interior design career, an internship or apprenticeship is a great way to transition smoothly from school to the workplace. The Interior design experience program (IDEP) is a program designed specifically to help you get your first interior design job experience.

But, you’ll need more than just a creative mind. A successful interior designer needs academic training, a comprehensive portfolio, and networking and business skills. Here’s information on how to get a job as an interior designer, including education and certification, portfolio tips, networking advice, and how to find a job in the field.

Motorsport – Kangan Institute for Australiawide recognised apprenticeship and traineeship training. Call us on 03 9279 2222 with any enquiries.

How to Become an Interior Designer – Career Salaries, Job Stats & Education How to Become an Interior Designer – Career Salaries, Job Stats & Education. Get a Free Course Guide. Open Colleges delivers training and courses online on behalf of: Protector AlSafe, Provider Number 21897.

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Search for an apprenticeship standard by title, keyword, job title or reference number to quickly find what you’re looking for. You can then use the remaining filters below to further narrow down your selection if necessary.

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How to Become a Furniture Designer.. Apprenticeships can teach beginning professionals the specifics of running a small business, the basics of customer service, how to track orders, produce work on a deadline, and manage multiple projects at once.. The fields of architecture, interior.