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How To Finish Furniture

For white furniture, I either allow it to cure for 30 days or wax it (Minwax finishing paste in "natural" is a great choice). If I were you, I would sand it to get the glossy poly finish off, give it another coat of the white, let it dry thoroughly and then wax it.

Easy to work with but tricky to finish, pine has its advantages and disadvantages as a wood for building furniture. On the plus side, it's easy to find at most big-box .

The trick is knowing what finish was put on in the first place. To identify the type of clear film finish on a piece of furniture, you test it with solvents. (See the chart below.) To find out, just do the following. Note: Furniture on which there are oil finishes repairs easily. simply apply more oil finish after removing wax or furniture.

The finish removal techniques described in this how-to will remove the rich patina of very old furniture. If your interest is in restoring antique or valuable old furniture, look first at products designed to clean and restore antique furniture without refinishing.

Whether your piece is new and unfinished or old and has a worn finish, sanding is the first step to create a clean surface before applying paint. Using an orbital sander, roughen up the surface. In cracks and crevices, use a sandpaper block or sheet of sandpaper to remove any old finish and prep the wood for painting.

The first step when refinishing wooden furniture – removing the old finish – is likely the most tiresome and messy. There are two ways to go about this task: chemical stripping and sanding. Chemical Strippers.

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To finish the legs on a chair or table, turn the piece of furniture over, drill a pilot hole in the bottom of each leg, and insert drywall screws to hold the legs up off the.

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Crystal clear or amber tone: Many clear finishes add a rich, warm, amber tone to the wood. Others remain crystal clear. You can choose whichever look you prefer for your project. However, if your project is a light color-whether stained or unfinished wood-it is best to protect it with a finish that remains crystal clear.