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Many people are using the lockdown time to scrub their homes from top to bottom, and cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has some tips.

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With pine furniture it is recommended that an even room temperature be maintained. For general cleaning use a duster or damp cloth (ALMOST DRY) not wet.

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Drizzle about 2 tbsp. of your homemade cleaner onto a lint-free cloth and rub the cleaner into your pine furniture. Rub with the wood grain.

Use a damp – not wet – cloth, along with a commercial cleaner designed for cleaning varnished wooden furniture or parquet to gently rub away.

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Any wooden table, including pine wood, can become dirty, stained or dingy after time and use. Cleaning methods vary depending on the type of stain and the.

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Clean Unvarnished Wood. Keep your wood in top condition without ruining the look. Subscribe!

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Refreshing your wooden dining table, chairs, and credenza is easier than you might think. Here’s how to clean wood furniture.