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How to Clean Metal Cabinet Hardware. The dirt and bacteria from your hands and the grease from cooking can leave your metal cabinet hardware looking and feeling grubby. If the hardware appears very dirty or tarnished, you might need to remove it to get it thoroughly clean. Keep your cabinets and its hardware looking new by adding it to a regular weekly or monthly cleaning routine.

So if there’s any time during the year when you might pay a little extra attention to cleaning. furniture, you can opt for a clear wax or an amber-colored wax, recommended on dark pieces of.

This is how I spray paint the hardware that I reuse on the pieces that I paint. What you need: sanding block. cleaner, degreaser. Spray Paint for metal. Box. Old Hardware . 1. Sand the glossy hardware with your sanding block or use a wire brush. 2. Clean. When cleaning your hardware, make sure you wear gloves as most cleaners are harsh.

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Mix 1 teaspoon of mild dish soap with 1 pint of water. Wash the cabinet hardware and hinges well and then rinse with clean water. dry them and put them back on the cabinets. There are commercial products to clean pewter as well.

"Sand the end of the rung clean, down to the wood," Dvorak. wax that starts at $6 for a 1 lb. can at hardware and home centers. "You can use a clear wax or one that’s close to the color of the.

How to Restore Hardware. The hardware in the photo above is what was original to the vintage radio that I just turned into a bar cabinet. I almost spray painted them, but decided first to give Bar Keeper’s Friend a try. I had only used it to clean real brass before, and I was pretty sure this hardware wasn’t real brass.

Combine two tablespoons of cream of tartar and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Rub the paste on the hinge using a clean paper towel or an old toothbrush. Allow the paste to sit for 30 minutes. Then, dip a clean cloth in warm water and wipe the paste away.

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