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How To Clean Aluminum Patio Furniture

Tubular aluminum patio furniture is the lightest of the three categories, with tubes of aluminum welded together to form seating and table options. Today tubular aluminum is typically paired with strap or sling seating, both durable, comfortable and lightweight combinations.

For minimum maintenance, choose furniture made of easy-to-clean materials. Wrought iron and aluminum are good choices. In heavy storms, pull patio furniture into a covered area to prevent metal.

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Using Natural Products. 1. Boil the cast aluminum item in a solution of cream of tartar and water. One of the most effective ways to clean a cast aluminum item is to boil it in a solution of three tablespoons of cream of tartar and four cups of water. You can submerge the item in a pot of this solution.

How to clean cast aluminum patio furniture Aluminum is a fairly inexpensive metal that can be shaped easily, making it a popular choice for patio furniture as it allows manufacturers to add flourishes and other ornate details.

When coated aluminum furniture is exposed to the outdoor elements, oxidization occurs. Oxidation is a type of corrosion that actually can protect the surface of the furniture, but it destroys the appearance. Left untreated, oxidation can cause pitting in the metal, and no amount of cleaning can repair it.

Clean furniture made of iron, steel, and aluminum with water and a mild soap. After putting aside any cushions, clean your metal patio furniture by putting a squirt of dish soap in a bucket of water and using it with a scrub brush to scrub the surface of your furniture.

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Like all furniture, however, cast aluminum patio sets do require some degree of cleaning. Read on to find out how to best clean cast aluminum patio furniture. Super Lightweight For a metal, aluminum is far lighter than steel, iron, bronze or copper. When crafted into patio furniture, it is easy to handle and maneuver.

If you notice calcium build-up on your cast aluminum furniture, you can try using a solution of 1 part white distilled vinegar and 9 part water to help remove it. Before you apply your solution, you should always test the solution on an inconspicuous area of the frame before applying to ensure it doesn’t discolor the finish.

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