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how to choose color for interior design

Nothing refreshes the interior of your home like a new coat of paint. But painting is a lot of work, and, depending on the size of your home, it can be an expensive project. That’s why you need to.

choosing interior paint colors can be the most difficult part of painting your home. Not only does color change how your home looks, but it can also alter your mood. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing interior paint colors to create the right ambiance for you and your space. Colors.

 · Understanding the color wheel, how it works, and choosing colors based on what compliments each other and avoiding colors that clash can save you a lot of time, headache, and money. When picking a color scheme for a room, I almost always consult a color wheel like this one.

 · Why is a whole house color scheme important? Through my experience, homes that have consistency in the use of colors flow much better. If every room is a completely different color, constantly varying how bright or muted the color is, it just won’t feel “right” and will certainly look like not much thought has been put into color choices.

"Choose one dark color, one light color, and one bright color," says Andrea Piontek of Olympic Paints. The color that becomes the dominant hue in the room depends on your personal preference. "Go for your comfort level," says Mark Woodman, interior designer and board member of the Color Marketing Group.

A simple paint job can turn a small space into a less cramped interior. A warmer color can bring a cozier ambiance to any space. Cool colors can produce the illusion of a bigger space. Your favorite color. When choosing colors for the interior of your house, always start with a color that you love. You’ll never go wrong when you begin with a color that you like looking at.

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It’s a smorgasbord of style. So how to choose? Here’s your guide to selecting which color of the year is right for you. We turned to Gillian Rose, los angeles-based color scientist, interior designer.