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However, there are also advantages when decorating an area that has more space with which to work, as this provides more options for furniture placement and coordinating accessories. The key to.

What if your room is mostly narrow and not all that long, making furniture arrangement even trickier? My blogger friend, Kristin, mentioned in.

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One Side Option. In a large bedroom with a fireplace mid-wall and the entry somewhere along the opposite side, furniture placed on one side of the room creates a natural walkway. Twin loveseats placed perpendicular to the fireplace make a cozy conversational grouping.

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Learn how to arrange living room furniture with these easy tips and savvy layouts. Whether your room is long and narrow or small and square, we have smart ideas for furniture arrangements that are versatile and will make the most of your space. Living rooms often have more than one function and arranging your furniture to suit these functions is key to a pleasing space.

I have a long living room that is used primarily for lounging but we do have guests who prefer to sit upright. Here is the problem. One wall has built-in book selves, one wall has a long fireplace, one wall has glass patio doors and we like the view. The 4th side is open to the kitchen.

How to arrange furniture in a long narrow living room – A long and narrow room becomes a challenge when decorating. The mission is to make the space look wider and wider, creating several separate environments correctly. There are many long and narrow rooms that look like a magazine, so this challenge is not impossible.

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Large rectangular living rooms provide a multitude of furniture arrangement options. To help fill the space and create a balanced look, float furniture in the middle of the room. Place two sofas back-to-back, separated by a sofa table in between. Place a coffee table in front of each sofa followed by one or two chairs, creating two conversation areas.

The sofa and chairs will stay, but they need help with arranging furniture and choosing an area rug. Designer Rose Ramseur uses warmer paint colors and a space-defining area rug to make the long,

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