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Woodworm treatment is essential, if active woodworm is present, in order to prevent woodworm eggs from successfully boring into the timber and continuing the woodworm life cycle. If woodworm, or worse still Death Watch Beetle, (or even worse still House Longhorn Beetle) is allowed to continue to eat your wood, it will be structurally weakened.

In most cases treatment of Common Furniture Beetle is fairly straightforward. Any structurally-weakened timber should be removed and replaced with pre-treated timber. All surfaces of the affected timber should then be treated with SoluGuard Woodworm Treatment applied by brush or spray.

How to prevent Woodworm. 1. Ensure that dampness and humidity are controlled (e.g. ventilate roof and sub-floor voids) 2. Treat vulnerable timber surfaces with Boron Ultra 12 by spray/blower or brush. Treat end grain with Boron Gel. 3. Check annually until no more flight holes appear. Re-treat if further fresh activity appears after 5 years.

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"Woodworm" is something of a misnomer, because the creatures that produce the tiny wormholes that mar wood furniture are actually beetles. The most common is known as the furniture beetle.

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What you need will rely entirely on the type of woodworm you have, while the common furniture beetle rarely causes serious structural damage, the deathwatch beetle bores deep into the heart of the wood, creating serious problems. The chemicals used in woodworm treatment can be dangerous, so before you go about treating your woodworm you are.

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It’s very expensive to treat,” he says. be particularly careful to check for active woodworm evidence when purchasing second-hand or antique furniture. What might appear to be an attractive.

You can learn more about how to treat woodworm at Timberwise by visiting the woodworm treatment page. One of the most unfortunate parts of a woodworm infestation is that the signs of the problem are only visible at the end of the woodworm’s lifecycle.

Although woodworm can be treated as a DIY Project, it is essential to contact a specialist in the first instance to correctly identify the type of woodworm you are dealing with. Then if the woodworm only affects small non-structural items you can easily treat it yourself using "over the counter" woodworm treatment.

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Items you have on hand – bleach, rubbing alcohol, soap, baking soda, olive oil – can all be used to clean and disinfect your.