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How Do You Keep Dogs Off Furniture

I would suggest you contact your local animal control office for ideas on how to deal with them. Once they mark their territory they will keep coming back. Do you have a cat of your own? Only other method is to get a dog. Works really well. If you have bird food feeders, you may need to stop feeding the birds until the cats go away.

Jura is always happy to whip out her paint chips, track down a hard-to-find piece of furniture or offer. but it still smells like dog. Hi Becky! Do you have any tips for keeping pantry/food storage.

However, you must be sure that your dog is not curious enough to lick the coated furniture to see what the fuss is all about! tabasco sauce has a strong smell which will help keep dogs, and even cats, away from furniture. Please carefully assess your furniture before you decide to use this method, as the sauce may spoil it.

The anti-gravity setting allows disabled pets to float effortlessly up/down stairs, on/off furniture. I call it “Open SesaMEOWY.” Do you have doors in your house that you’d rather not keep open.

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There are numerous things you can put in your yard that can keep feral cats away. All of these are natural repellents that are safe to use. Blood meal fertilizer: cats dislike the smell of dried blood that is found in this fertilizer.It can keep cats away and make the plants in your garden more green and lush.

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This was a question I got recently, a plea if you will from a dog owner who doesn’t want to share her furniture with her dog. Now, first let me say; my home is a complete dog zone. If you don’t like dogs, dog hair, dog toys, dirt from paws. you are probably in the [.]

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