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How Do You Get Candle Wax Off Wood Furniture

How to remove candle wax from wood floor . If you’re faced with the task of how to get candle wax off wood, you might be in a bit of a panic, but it’s actually not too hard at all. First, get an ice cube and harden the wax. Then scrape it off gently using a plastic ruler or credit card (don.

I left a citronella candle on my untreated teak table and the sun melted the candle right through the cheap plastic! When I saw I immediately worked to clean off with Simple Green and scrubbed it – however it obviously didn’t do anything.

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3 . Distressing wood using Wet paper technique . Both the candle technique (see previous) and the Wet paper technique are good alternatives to distress wood or furniture using Vaseline.. All three methods work similarly in the way that they create a resist in certain spots so the paint can be lifted off later.

Best Answer: You can remove melted candle wax from a piece of furniture, or sometimes this will even work for carpet, with a piece of newspaper and an iron. Just place a piece of newspaper (folded) over the melted wax area and place a hot iron, on a low setting, on top of the newspaper for 5 to 10 seconds, lift up iron and paper.

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