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ercol sources materials from around the globe, whether that be timber from North America and Europe or fabrics from the high quality mills of Belgium, Italy and other countries. Each brings its own strengths which we combine in making ercol furniture. fabrics Can I have some fabric samples? Yes, you can order up to five fabric samples on this website or by contacting Customer Services. Each sample is 10cm sq.

Staid Ercol furniture, the product of three generations of a family. It’s more than 20 years since anyone in Britain built a factory you would make an architectural detour for. That was the.

 · You can still get these repolished if you like and Ercol and others will sell you seat pads. brilliant furniture. solid elm and beech, set up an Italian immigrant called ercolani, who came from near Naples, modern day Herculaneum. I have forty year old Ercol chairs – you can get new cushions and webbing, frames good as new.

Ercol is the name of a British furniture manufacturer. The firm dates back to 1920, when it was established in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, as Furniture.

The previous owner left her furniture behind, but Powell is ready to update the. Calls here How to see first-run films for free 10 ways to refresh your kitchen if you can’t do a full reno You can.

Hi, I have the Marinello sofas with which I am most unhappy becayse. they began to show signs of wear within weeks of use. Ercol have decided thast this is quite normal. Can you tell me please what us the density if tge foam and whether or not it is classed as High Resilience?

Kya deLongchamps explores the gentle genius of George Nakashima. you back about 3,500 (Ercol Windsor chairs are remarkably similar), a Japanese-style, thickly boarded chest starts from 16,000 and.

I love Ercol furniture as it is in my view good solid wood, with nice designs. The darker stuff is cheap at auction, but can it be stripped and lightened with oxalic acid, or will it always look like dark furniture stripped? There is a chap on ebay who sells refinished Ercol, but you can always tell the ones that were originally dark.

And let me tell you. of antique furniture will do. But that’s not really the point; Ikea is never going to have XO” burnt on the side, but it does a good job. However, if it is true luxury.